All the photos on this site are for sale as either digital images or as high quality prints with prices below.  

Send me a message with the title of the image(s) you want to purchase and i will get in touch. Note i will edit photos further as required.

Digital images (note pricing is based on premise that images can be shared after purchase)*

Rowing images:

Singles - $15

Doubles/Pairs - $25

Quads/Fours - $40

Eights -$70

Buy 3 get 20% off

Prints (On High quality art papers)

A4(ish) - $40

A3(ish) - $55

A2(ish) - $70

Other sizes available on request

Framing is also available including in  high quality Tasmanian timbers such as Tas Oak, Blackwood, Sassafrass etc.  Send me a message to organise a quote for you

*- prices are for private sale only and are not to be used for marketing in any form. For commercial use please contact me

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